Compositions, sound design, collaborations, performances

The Arms of Sleep

Choir, piano, flute and sound design, 2017

A Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Brighton Festival co-commission for the Voice Project Choir

Premiered Saturday 20 May 2017, The Assembly House, Norwich

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A milliard faces frescoed on the ceiling

Choir, string trio and reader, 2011

Text by Agnes Lehoczky

A Norfolk and Norwich Festival commission for the Voice Project Choir

Premiered Saturday 14 May 2011, Norwich Cathedral

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The Given Note

2 hurdy-gurdies, great bass recorder, voice and electronics, 2010

Text: Seamus Heaney
Air: Port na bPúcai

Commissioned by Férdia Stone-Davis for the launch of Musical Beauty: Negotiating the Boundary between Subject and Object

Premiered Thursday 2 December 2010

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Seanchaí - part one

Ensemble, 2010

Premiered Monday 25 January 2010

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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The Raw and the Cooked, 2009

Puzzle me the right answer to that one

Recorder quartet, voice and electronics, 2009

Text: Casualty by Seamus Heaney

Commissioned by Laura Cannell for RE-Chord Air

Premiered Saturday 14 March 2009

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Six Easy Pieces (after Richard Feynman)

Ensemble, 2007

Premiered Monday 26 November 2007

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(un)lucky mutations?

Fixed Media, Stereo, 2006

Mutations on Metropolis

SuperCollider and Hacked Electronics, 2004

dot73 (mutations on a theme by Xenakis)

Fixed Media, Stereo, 2003

strong words, softly spoken

Fixed Media, stereo, 2001

4 + 1 = ?

For percussion x 4, Max/MSP and SuperCollider, 2001

Not a mutant in sight...

Fixed Media, stereo, 2001

The Legend of Oscar (the life and times of a mutant oboe)

Fixed Media, stereo, 2001